The 1/1000 blend

“Ditch the synthetic pre-workouts”


  • Coarse
  • Fine

The Nought Point One blend is a medium roast, 100% single origin coffee packed with a rich and nutty flavour. When brewed right, subtle tastes of chocolate come through.

Single origin coffee, sourced from India

Weight: 250g

4 reviews for The 1/1000 blend

  1. Kirsty Moroney

    As a huge coffee lover, this is up there with some of the tastiest I have had. All the flavours described, I could definitely taste. 100 % worth a try! 🙂

  2. Deb

    Nice drink !! If you are a coffee lover you will love this brand.

  3. Gaz

    Well after ordering this and being a big coffee drinker it definitely didn’t disappoint – probably one of the tastiest coffees I have had in fact!

    Biggest compliment is the missus loves coffee and she can’t get enough of it. Will be ordering again!

  4. Benjamin Kadura

    Amazing coffee taste, and a great boost to get me through training. Product was delivered in amazing packaging and went above and beyond my expectations! Included, was some complementary commando stickers which motivate me that much more everyday. Great company and a great brand!

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