Fortitude Elite Training Course (27/07/2020)


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Welcome to the ultimate Pre-Military Performance Programme:

The next course starts Monday 15th June 2020

Combining progressive Scientific Physical Training methods and Psychology.

6-week bespoke online training package run by two former Royal Marines, now professional performance coaches. 

Programme designed to give you the absolute best chance of success in the preparation to start Military Basic Training.

  • Nutritional Intervention 
  • Daily Support and Advice 
  • Strength and Conditioning 
  • Weekly and Individual Programming
  • Psychology and Physical Training Tuition 
  • Injury Prevention Prehabilitation
  • Weekly Assessment, Feedback and Adjustment 
  • Direct Access (via mobile phone) to the Course Instructors 
  • Performance Psychology and Insight into the Royal Marines

Fortitude Elite Training Course (27/07/2020)

13 reviews for Fortitude Elite Training Course (27/07/2020)

  1. Marcus Bazzi

    Just a quick note for anybody deciding whether or not to sign up for the Fortitude Course.

    Before the course (5 weeks ago) my absolute best effort 1.5 mile return was 9:59, I have just completed 2 x 1.5 mile best efforts in 9:17 and 9:19 respectively.

    The coaching, guidance and support you receive on the course is second to none and worth 3 times the price it costs. If anyone is on the fence about it, just do it, you’ll realise it was worth it after the first day.

  2. Connor Heathcote (verified owner)

    Best of the best, No better educated coaches around. After Getting on the course and receiving the endless flow of support from Gaz and Ollie, I’ve become the strongest version of myself. I start training with the Royal Marines in 7 days and I’m now going into that With the best physical condition and mental resilience I’ve ever had. Top blokes, top programme, top results. Don’t mess about with the idea, get on a course asap.

  3. Josh Williams

    Best decision I ever made, huge confidence and all round robustness boost. I now know I’m ready and prepared for what’s coming when I head down to Lympstone, with insights I would never have had without Gaz and Ollie. I’ve been educated on how to train and get where I need to be, without burnout or injury. Would recommend to anyone, at any fitness level, if you’re thinking of joining the military or just getting more out of yourself, these are the lads to get in touch with!

  4. Josh Teear

    If anyone is unsure as to if they would like to get on the course I would highly recommend going for it. At the start of the course I could barely run a couple of hundred meters before having to stop due to a knee injury i sustained at the start of lockdown. After working with Ollie I managed to do my first full 20 minute run with no pain yesterday. Not only this but my rmfa scores have all improved more than i would have thought. Also the help I have received from Gaz has been fantastic, he has helped massively with my confidence due to a setback I received with my application.

    Overall the help you get is second to none and they both go above and beyond anything i could have ever expected/hoped for. Two incredibly knowledgeable and all round sound guys 👊

  5. Harris Debonnaire

    I was a member of the first 6-week course, and I can say it has not only changed the way I perceive training, both mentally and physically, but has absolutely improved my Press-ups, Pull-ups, Sit-ups and my 1.5 mile return.

    As well as this, it provides insight into life in training based on psychological goals and standards, hugely helpful for those about to enter training as well, as those only just getting started on their application.

    Finally, the level of personal support, including goal setting, interview preparation and physiological aspects (WHY you’re doing this long run, WHY you’re doing this HIIT session, WHY your HR needs to be at this level), is second to none. Overall, 10/10 for organisation, structure and also looking ahead for members with the continuation program.
    Absolutely recommended.

  6. Rikki

    Was a member of the first ever course and it was one of the best decisions I made choosing to do it.

    I have learnt so much. My mindset is completely different. They also helped me pass my VPJFT+ and my physical work has massively improved.

    If you are wanting to become a Royal Marine this is the perfect Course for you!

  7. Jack Gittins (verified owner)

    I have just completed the 2nd course and have to say if you’re looking to join any branch of the military, this is the course for you. Fantastic coaching from two great guys who have heaps of knowledge to give and will undoubtedly help you towards your goal.

  8. Mike Sullivan

    100% recommend this course! There is so much knowledge to be soaked up from Gaz and Ollie and on top of that, a decent program that will build you up to be fit from any level. Highly recommend this course!!

  9. Todd Grainger

    I was a member of the second course and cannot fault it. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is aspiring to join the Royal Marines or any other military organisation as it helps train and prepare you both physically and mentally. The course is pretty demanding physically and requires solid dedication throughout, especially if you work fulltime as you may have to fit multiple sessions in on a single day. Also, to get the most out of the course it would help if you have access to equipment, such as a pull-up bar and heart rate monitor – these aren’t too expensive.

    Now that’s out the way, all I can say about the course and the coaches is that it’s simply fantastic and does what it says it does. I improved on pretty much everything (push ups, sit ups etc). In particular, I noticed the biggest difference in my 1.5 mile best effort run and the endurance and strength in my legs. Running for longish periods of time are now pretty easy and also enjoyable. Not only does it change the way you train but you’re also taught some of the science behind the reasons why we train like that and why that’s more beneficial compared to other training methods.

    Furthermore, you also get a huge insight into the Royal Marine life – not just the mainstream stuff you see online. As well as this, you get taught some valuable psychological tips and tricks that will help make training seem more possible as well as other challenges.

    As for the coaches, the relationship with them (and the group) are second to none. The atmosphere with them and the group is very friendly and often involving a laugh! Both coaches have helped me massively psychologically and have definitely given me much more confidence for the future. I am continuing to work with them over the next year or so as they are just fantastic. If you’re debating whether to purchase this service then just do it. It’s at a very good price and you have nothing to lose, but lots to gain!

  10. Jamie Pickard (verified owner)

    This course was the best decision I ever made in preparation to start basic training. The help, advice and tuition is second to none. The overall package is excellent value for money and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Definitely put myself and others who I was on the course with on a path to success!

  11. Harry Hignett

    Brilliant course and I am very happy that I signed up. Gaz and Ollie run a fantastic course together providing both a physical and mental side. The comrade you get being with the other lads going through the course helps keep motivation high when Ollie decides to administer some very testing sessions! I couldn’t recommend this course enough!!

  12. Alasdair Ratter

    I have been training to join the Royal Marines for a long time and I have never been on a course so good and so helpful. Absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made buying this course, its helped me massively and put me on the road to success. The support from Gaz and Ollie has been second to non. 100% would recommend!

  13. Osian jones

    The course has been brilliant! From the start I have had help whenever I asked from the training team. My fitness levels have gone through the roof along with my muscular endurance. I’ve finished with a lot more knowledge regarding the psychological and strength and conditioning side. I am now confident that I will pass Recruit training.

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